Whether it is in season or not, it is available all seasons with Juss…

Since the production and harvesting times of fruit are different all fruits are not available in every season. In order to fulfill the demand of consumers for fruit juice throughout the year the juices of fruit is obtained while maintaining its naturalness to make a concentrate. Thus it is maintained with all its freshness. The concentrates come to the factory in aseptic and non-aseptic packaging and are maintained at storing conditions until they are taken into production.
Juss, dökmeyi kolaylaştıran ve Türkiye’de ilk olan ambalajıyla sektöre yenilik getiren öncü bir marka!
Sterile conditions, quality inspections at every stage and the use of raw materials and intermediate products to achieve the most delicious combinations are very important in the production of Juss products. The amounts of ingredients like water, citric acid and sugar are adjusted according to the values required by the Turkish Food Codex Regulation by dosing equipment in an automation system without manual contact. The elimination of microorganisms that can cause spoiling and packaging with protection against microorganisms are the secrets to a long shelf life. In order for microorganisms to be eliminated the fruit juice is held in 95 - 99 ˚C for 30 - 60 seconds then immediately cooled in 20 ˚C. This process is called ‘pasteurization with UHT’. After this process the fruit juice is filled into a sterile package in an aseptic section and the package is closed.
By using aseptic packaging and the pasteurization process the products are able not to contain any preservatives.
Juss is a pioneer brand, which brought the innovation of easy-pour packages to the sector as the first in Turkey!
Not just once, always in control!
The arrival of raw materials, their use in the production and processes, filling, boxing, storage and delivery… The creation and control of quality are maintained throughout every stage of the production process. The concentrates that are brought into the area where production takes place are opened under the supervision of the quality department for traceability and quality and are subjected to all manner of inspections. Also the solutions of all the other ingredients (citric acid, sugar) to be used in the production are prepared and samples are tested.
In the Quality Assurance Laboratory;
1- Physical Analyses
2- Chemical Analyses
3- Microbiological Analyses are done.
After the samples, which are taken during the product preparation, are analyzed, the results are entered into the ‘Lab Master’ system and are approved. Further stages of production are never proceeded to without an approval. Also according to the Microbiological Criteria Regulation fruit juice/fruit nectar/fruit drinks must be commercially sterile.
Commercially sterile conditions: It is required that the pH value of the product must not change more than ± 0.5 after being left at 35-37 °C for 7 days and 50-55 °C for 10 days. This is called the incubation period. Throughout the period the products have quality assurance status at the factory. After the period is completed and the analyses are done if the products meet the commercially sterile conditions they may be sold.