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Juss, which introduced additive-free fruit juices to Turkey in 2009 produces in a modern facility over an area of 175 thousand square meters. From its filling facility on an indoor area of 24 thousand square meters Juss sends flavor and healthy nutrition to the whole world. Also through its concentrated products facility, which began operating in 2010, the unspoiled flavor of seasonal fruit is available to everyone in every season.
With naturalness and quality their main focus Juss products never contain preservatives, colorings and aromatic substances. Juss places importance on naturalness and present all of its products as they are in nature. Also it is a pioneer brand for bringing the innovation of easy-pour packages to the sector as the first in Turkey! Based on the fact that quality fruit does not need additives Juss is just like a glass of freshly squeezed good quality fruit
With the most advanced fruit juice production facility in EuropeJuss is among the leading brands of this field in Turkey. Working with a staff and production philosophy with the belief that flavor is value when it is fresh, Juss provides fruit juices for everyone who places importance on quality.



  • If there are no additives in your products how do they stay fresh without spoiling?
    In order to have a long shelf life first the micro-organisms that cause rotting need to be eliminated then the products must be packaged so that no micro-organisms can contaminate them. To eliminate the micro-organisms the fruit juice is subjected to 95-99°C for 30-40 seconds then it is immediately cooled at 20°C and packaged in sterile packaging in an aseptic section. As long as the package is not opened the protection continues. However due to the absence of preservatives the product will spoil after a certain time after opening.
    In the 100% Fruit Juss why is it called 100% when it is stated that water has been added?
    Since the production and harvesting times of fruit are different all fruits are not available in every season. In order to fulfill the demand of consumers for fruit juice throughout the year the juices of fruit is obtained while maintaining its naturalness to make a concentrate. Thus it is maintained in a healthy form without spoiling. Water is added to the fruit juice, which is obtained from concentrate, in an amount which is set aside during the process and which won’t affect the quality of the fruit juice. This is done in suitable properties from a sensory, microbiological and chemical aspect and in accordance with the Regulation on on Juices for Human Consumption.
    What is the difference between the nectar and the 100% product?
    Beverages derived from fruit are separated into four different categories based on the portion of fruit they contain. These are, in order of closeness to the fruit, fruit juice, fruit nectar, fruit beverage and aromatic beverages. Fruit juice is completely comprised of fruit and the percentage of fruit in it according to the Turkish Food Codex is 100%. The product group which is diluted with water and in which the taste that is lost by adding water is compensated for with additives like sugar, is called fruit nectar. The percentage of fruit in these varies from 25 to 99%.
    Are substances, which are carcinogenic or harmful to health used in your products?
    None of the ingredients in our juices are carcinogenic. The dose of additives we use are in accordance with the values specified in international health organizations and Turkish food regulations and are used such that they have no harmful effects on health.
    Does fruit juice make you gain weight?
    Fruit juice is a beverage that reflects the fruit and is transformed from fruit. The amount of calories it contains is the same amount as in fruit. The energy provided by 100 grams of fruit, fruit juice and fruit nectar is between 45-50 Kcal. The latest studies have shown that there is no connection between the consumption of fruit, a good source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and obesity.
  • What types of your products can celiac patients consume?
    Since our fruit juices contain no gluten all of our products can be consumed safely by celiac patients. However we recommend consulting your physician.
    What types of your products can diabetics consume and how much?
    For now we have no diabetic varieties among in our product range. We recommend that diabetics consult their doctor before consuming any of our products.
    Does the sugar found in fruit juice cause cavities?
    It is a known fact that tooth decay is accelerated by a lack of fluorine. Another reason is not showing the necessary care to dental care and cleanliness. Considering these facts the effects of only food on tooth decay is fairly little. If the food in question is fluid this effect is even less because it is not likely to adhere to teeth and remain in the mouth for very long. Fruit juice is an example of this.
    Can fruit juice be used as a natural vitamin source?
    There is a small difference between the fresh squeezed juices you make at home and prepared fruit juices from a nutritional value aspect. There may be some small losses in vitamin value when thermal processes are performed while making juice for clarification and evaporation of water or eliminating microbes depending on the time that fruit juice or puree is subjected to heat.
    Is there aroma in your cherry products?
    Aroma is comprised of different varieties including natural, equivalent to natural or imitation aroma. Our cherry products contain natural aroma that is derived from the fruit itself, with its own flavor and quality.
    Are your fruits pasteurized?
    The fruit concentrates and purees used in our products go through a pasteurization process.
    What does pasteurizing with a UHT system mean?
    UHT pasteurization is a process used to neutralize the microorganisms in fruit juices that can cause spoiling. In order for microorganisms to be neutralized the fruit juice is held in 95 - 99 ˚C for 30 - 60 seconds then immediately cooled in 20 ˚C.
  • What age must children be to consume your products?
    Fruit juices can be consumed starting in the infant period. Fruit juice is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It also promotes the absorption of vegetable source irons. However consumption in excessive amounts may result in replacing breast milk or a lack of appetite for foods with greater nutritional value. Therefore children may drink juice as long as it is regulated according to meals. For more detailed information please consult your physician.
    Does the pasteurization process affect the amount of vitamins and naturalness of fruits?
    There is a small difference between the fresh squeezed juices you make at home and prepared fruit juices from a nutritional value aspect. There may be some small losses in vitamin value when thermal processes are performed while making juice for clarification and evaporation of water or eliminating microbes depending on the time that fruit juice or puree is subjected to heat. There is no loss in other nutritional components such as energy and the amount of flavonoids and minerals.
    Why is it recommended to be consumed cold?
    It is better to drink while cold in order to perceive the product’s flavor and consistency.
    How should fruit juices be stored?
    In dry, cool placed away from direct sunlight.
    How soon should the product be consumed after opening the package?
    While it varies depending on ambient conditions it is recommended to be consumed within 2-3 days.
    Why must the product be consumed within 3 days after opening?
    Our varieties of natural fruit juice products which do not contain preservatives or additives can vary in their spoiling time after the product has been opened depending on the micro flora of the ambient conditions. Our recommendation, depending on the ambient conditions, is to consume the product within 2-3 days after opening. While the spoiling time is slower in refrigeration (7-8 days) it is much faster outside of the refrigerator (2-3 days).
  • What happens if it is not consumed quickly after opening?
    Since our fruit juices contain no additives they may get moldy and spoil if left at room temperature for a time after opening.
    What happens if the fruit juice is consumed after the expiration date?
    Expired products should not be consumed. If expired, the fruit juice may be spoiled and may have an unpleasant color, taste and smell.
    Is there alcohol in the fruit juices?
    No. There is no alcohol in fruit juices.
    What do the dates on your packages mean? What is the legal basis?
    The dates on the packaging of our products show the production date, the production time and the expiration date of the fruit juices. According to the Turkish Food Codex, all foods including fruit juices must have their expiration date on the package.
    What do the marks on the package mean?
    Çevkoemblem: This symbol is used on products which are produced according to the Regulation on Packaging and Packaging Wastes Control and which are released into the market in recyclable packaging. It states that as a company environmental policy is our priority
    What does the “e” written in the English section of juice products mean?
    There are certain deviation amounts specified in regulations concerning the amount that products are filled. Products with an “e” in their box are products that are inspected by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and have these values.
    Do you use rotten fruit in your products?
    Fruit is not directly processed in our production. Fruit concentrate or puree is used. The Juss products are absolutely made from the concentrate or puree of fruits that you would include on your dinner table. You may consume them with assurance.
    How are products reused without harming the environment and how are they recycled?
    Cardboard boxes are used for packaging the fruit juices. These packaging materials are completely re-useable and recyclable. All package waste is collected by licensed recycling companies. Also Juss is produced in modern facilities certified by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 quality standards.


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